10 Offer Ideas to Add to Your Online Course

October 25, 2021
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Wondering how to create more value for your online course? Here are 10 offer ideas that you can add to your online course to help your students learn the material. 

By supplementing your curriculum with at least one of the following, you can make your course even more enticing.

1. Supplemental Videos

Even if your online course is mainly video-based, you may want to add extra videos that support your main topic.

These supplemental videos shouldn’t be a requirement to complete the course. But what they can do is provide more information that will help your students succeed.

For example, if you have a course on building funnels, you can add extra videos on how to write copy.

Though copywriting isn’t necessary to build the framework of a funnel, it is a good skill to learn for funnel strategy and marketing. 

Adding this “bonus” content boosts the overall value of your offer.

2. Workbooks / Worksheets

Let’s face it: people love filling out information and doing assignments. 

You can create workbooks or worksheets to keep your students engaged. Provide a way for the “doers” in the group to use their brains and check off tasks.

Teaching a drawing course? You can create a worksheet on tracing patterns so the artist gets used to the wrist movement.

Have a personal development course? Worksheets on rating a person’s status and then reevaluating themselves at the end of the course can be good for your students. They’ll be able to measure their progress and see the payoff for their work in the course.

What about a fitness program? You can make a workbook that includes different exercises and a way to record completed workouts each day.

What worksheets can you create for your course?

3. Project Files

People love to take things apart and see how they are built. It’s in our nature to see a finished product and work out how it was made.

Supplying project files for something you have created can be a valuable supplement to your course.

When I had made design and animation courses in the past, I supplied final project files. 

I got great feedback from my students. They loved having the finished files so they could see all the settings that were implemented during the project.

4. Templates

Different from project files, templates allow the user to recreate something of their own design.

Think of PowerPoint or presentation slides. It takes work to create these from scratch. If you’re not a designer, it can be time-consuming!

You can provide finished presentation slides as a bonus. Let the students change out the information to their liking. It speeds up their workflow and really helps get the juices flowing.

Funnels work the same way. Give basic template funnels, and each person can change out whatever they want.

5. Assets (Graphics, Audio, etc.)

There is a multitude of assets you can put into an online course. Ask yourself, “What extras can I give my students to help them save time?”

These can be graphics (images or illustrations), audio files (background music or sound effects) or copy templates (like common phrases and synonyms). 

Additional assets, whether digital or physical, will show your students you’ve put in the extra work to make the best program possible.

6. Audiobooks

Everyone learns differently. Some learn visually, some kinesthetically, and some auditorily. 

There will be courses that just won’t make sense as an audiobook, but most topics can be distilled into audio form. 

You can create an audiobook of your online course so it’s easy for auditory learners to pick up information.

And people really do love listening to audio while jogging, doing chores, or driving. So why not offer this type of bonus for those people, as well?

7. Written Files (PDFs)

An easy way to add value to your course is to repurpose your content into an e-book. 

You can also provide extra information to supplement your main topic. For example, you can create a cookbook with recipes that are similar to what you cover in your course.

You can also provide documentation to support lectures, such as scientific research papers.

8. Guest Interviews

When you hear helpful information from various sources, it reinforces that information.

Invite other experts in your field or topic to take part in your course. 

For example, if you are teaching a course on building funnels but copywriting isn’t your strong suit, you can interview a professional copywriter who can give your students valuable tips.

You can interview people over email or through Zoom. Compile those interviews into bonus content.

With guest interviews, you can introduce students to a reliable expert, and your interviewee can also get some exposure. Win-win!

9. Guides

Everyone needs guidance in one form or another. Education is great, but breaking down a process step by step is even more helpful for students.

That is why courses are more effective than scouring random videos on YouTube. An online course provides a logical sequence that gets students from point A to point B.

A guide will show your students how they’re progressing through the course. It may also prompt them to continue following certain paths to get to where they want for their goals.

10. Case Studies

Do you have a great example of someone achieving what you’re teaching? If so, then use it as a case study!

It’s impactful to see how something in a lecture can be applied in the real world. This can be a case study you’ve done yourself—or better yet, an example of your past students finding success!

Make sure you highlight that success, documenting exactly what was done to get there. People will gobble that information up!

Give Your Online Course Extra Value

I hope this gave you some ideas of what you can add to your online course. Whether it’s a simple PDF, a template, or an expert interview, these extra resources in the course will make your students happy and help them achieve the results they’re striving for!

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