How Kim Dang Uses Simple Software Extensions to Help Sell Her Online Courses

February 22, 2021
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In today’s episode, we have Kim Dang with us who is going to share how she was able to build a successful software company with Chrome extensions.

You will also get to hear how building software has led her into selling online courses, her 4-Phase Life Cycle of a Chrome Extension framework, and how solving your own needs can be a lucrative business opportunity.

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In this episode, you will hear...

… Kim Dang’s fascinating journey from a full-time job to building a successful software business. 

… how Kim was able to quickly set up her first online business that made over $1,000 a month from a simple Google search.

… Kim’s unique drive and ambition enabled her to learn fast, overcome challenges, and pivot into a thriving software company.

… her inspiring journey of building a software solution company with zero tech skills.

… how she was able to grow her business fast by learning from successful online business owners.

… the simple  but revolutionary funnel software she used to grow her mailing list from just 25 people to over 10,000 in two years.

… why Kim believes anyone can be a software business owner by using a simple and proven method.

… the four-phased Chrome extension framework that she created to help students start making money immediately after launch.

… the step-by-step Chrome extension launch strategy that will move you from zero to cash in just days.

… Kim’s invaluable advice to anyone looking to start an online course business.

… the one mistake Kim made in pricing when scaling her proven online course business.



Jeremy Deighan
Hey, everyone. Thanks for checking out the podcast. Today, we have Kim Dang with us. And I am super excited for this episode. She has created a software that I use every day, and is just an expert in groups and online business and online courses and building software. So we have a lot to talk about. I'm really excited for this. How are you doing today, Kim?

Kim Dang
Doing great. Thank you, Jeremy, for having me on.

Jeremy Deighan
Yes, definitely. I want to get into your software. And if anyone doesn't know, I use Kim's software. It's called Group Convert. And it's a software that really helps the workflow of my business and groups. And we'll talk about that shortly.

But before we do, I would just love to hear, how did you even get into online business in the beginning? If you want to give the audience a little bit of your backstory, we would love to hear it.

Kim Dang
Sure. I remember my very first day working a full-time job, and it really hit me hard because right after college, when all my friends went to medical school or got their master's, I just lounged around with my ex boyfriend, and I didn't do anything. I just watched Netflix all day; I didn't really care.

Some of my friends went backpacking in Europe and all that other stuff, and I just chilled out for a little bit. But college was very intense for me. I went to UCLA so it's super competitive. So, I'm like, "I got to take a break."

And when I did, I spent my days doing whatever I wanted, and it felt great. And then our relationship didn't work out. So I had to move back home. Then I had to get a full-time job. And my very first day of the full time job, I realized I couldn't do whatever I wanted for the next forever.

I was like, "Oh, my gosh." So I Googled how to make money online, I remember, that evening. And I found a five-page PDF about drop shipping. So that led me into the world of selling stuff I don't have, shipped from China, high returns, very low margins.

I just listed things on eBay. It told me to go and type in a product plus the word dropship. And then go and find warehouses that would do it for you. So I just did it. And then I started making $1,000 online.

And then I looked closer into eBay; saw that I could sell car parts. And I think I am on the more extreme end of figuring things out, I really want to figure it out. So I saw that car parts were exploding, and I went and I started a dismantling company, which is a car parts pick-apart company, where you buy cars whole and then you have people take it apart and then you sell it online.

And that's how I started having any kind of real online income. From there, it enabled me freedom to travel the world. I automated my business so I didn't have to be there. And that's when something dramatic happened.

So the warehouses I rented, all of a sudden, the owner who owns a lot of warehouses, a lot of property all over the US, they're like, "Well, Kim, something got legalized. So these people with huge money came in, and they needed these warehouses for like grow operations and everything like that."

I saw the mom-and-pop businesses around me get evicted for these big money businesses. And it made it shook me to my core. It made me think about, "Wow, I can have a business, but as long as it's location-dependent, I'm very vulnerable."

So because of that, it made me really scared. And I told them, "Hey, I can still pay your rent." And they're like, "Well, can you pay five times?" And I'm like, "No." So they reduced my warehouse space from two to one. And I had to get rid of like $200,000 worth of inventory. And it was traumatic.

And they gave me only a couple of months to do it. So I did it in the span of three months. During that time, I went on again and I figured, "Okay, I need to find a type of business that's completely location-independent. I'm tired of all this overhead costs. I have to pay all these types of taxes, plus permit fees, everything like that for a legit, location-based business. And I have to have full time local employees."

So I want to find something that doesn't involve any of that. And that's when I started looking into making money online in terms of affiliate income because I don't need anything. I can just sell other people's stuff. I started talking to Spencer Mecham, who did over a million dollars with ClickFunnels affiliates.

I talked to this dude named Blake Nubar , who sold his courses and built the fastest money-generating funnel in the shortest amount of time. And I started speaking to these people who'd discovered a way to really, really scale. And that's when I noticed a trend in the people I was talking to.

So Marcus Campbell, he has a Chrome extension. Nate MccAllister, I interviewed him, he has a Chrome extension. Spencer Mecham had a Chrome extension. And I figured, "Hey, can I have a Chrome extension?"

Spencer Mecham did a module for me when I launched my course. I'm like, "Hey, Spencer, I interviewed you. Can you do a little module for me how this Chrome extension changed your income?" And he's like, "Oh, yeah, I gave away a free Chrome extension and I made $20,000." And he acted like that was nothing.

And at that time, I thought that was like witchcraft. So I asked around, and I decided on embarking on my own Chrome extension business. And that's when, I remember, around over 108 weeks ago, and I tell my story a lot, so I know the details.

108 weeks ago, I launched my Chrome extension to a list of 25 people. I had 25 people on my mailing list and two people said yes to $7 a month for the first Chrome extension that I owned. And I don't know how to code. I had someone make it; a developer from across the world make it.

Then now, after 108 weeks, I've had over 10,000 emails collected because of that Chrome extension. I have 1000s of users paying me monthly. And not only that, I found out that enabled me to get into courses.

That enabled me to now go, "Okay, I know how to make monthly recurring income fast from something so tiny and simple and low cost." This is such a solution for a lot of people who are trying to pay their bills or make it somehow where it's not dependent upon a location, high overhead costs, or anything.

They don't have to be a technical SEO. They don't have to master marketing because it's so high value and nothing sells easier than software, just nothing. It's a little demo video, and you either want it or you don't. You're not begging people or knocking down doors.

So within a week of launching it, I was making around $1,500 monthly recurring income and I'm like, "Oh my god, this is amazing!" That's what got me into the course world.

I launched a $7 course. At that time, I knew nothing about courses or anything like that. I don't have any modules in there, and I don't want to try to assume what people want to know. But I want to build it with them with what they need.

So that was important for me to learn because before that, I always thought, "Oh, I have to make all these things. I have to fill out all these videos." And when I learned that you don't want to assume what they want, but you give them what they need, that changed the whole game for me.

A bunch of people got into my $7 course, which is literally an empty Facebook group. And I told them, "I'm going to add you to this Facebook group. It's completely empty. I don't know how far I'll go with this, but I'll teach you what I know."

And some of those students who came in at $7 today have been able to quit their jobs, have been able to make over $100,000 with their Chrome extension business, making 1000s per month; $10,000, $20,000. And it made me go, "Whoa, if I didn't do that $7 course, I wouldn't have so many people be part of my world who are software CEOs now."

So that's my whole story. And where we are today is, when I realized that a little Chrome extension isn't a teeny, tiny Chrome extension, it's a gateway to the life you could live, to the financial abundance you can have, and to the influence of leading a tribe for yourself, is really what that's about.

Because once you know the blueprint, once you know how to do it, you can rinse and repeat this again and again. You can have a whole portfolio of Chrome extensions, which is what I have now. I have like over seven.

And you can ascend your people on the smaller level on a problem-solution type of map, so that you can have higher ticket offers. Now I have $10,000 programs, $30,000 programs that I'm attracting people who are using my software, so that they see value from me right away, even before they hop on the call.

When they hop on the call with me or one of my sales reps, they're already sold because they're like, "Oh, my God, you already saved me so much time with your software. What else do you have?"

And I tell them, "Hey, do you know that we have this coaching program?" And they're like, "What? You do? Okay, sign me up."

One of my clients or students in my course, he's like, "You know, before, when I went into a room, I would have to prove myself. I would have to say, "Oh, I'm an agency owner. And there's a lot of agency owners out there. But I felt like I was just one in a crowd. And then now, when I enter a room, I know that they owe me. They owe me so much because I'm going to save them all this time and make them all this income."

And it's because any type of little productivity software out there, you can have a customer who is, let's say, just starting out. But your customer could be the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. And they're using your teeny, tiny software.

So you're connecting with all of those people. And saving one hour of their time is saving probably $10,000 for them or more. So it's super valuable. And it's a solution that sits online 24/7, available to be consumed at the click of a button, to have instant value.

And anyone can access it all over the world. So I have customers from India, from Singapore, from the UK, all over the world. I remember two months after I launched my Chrome extension, I went to Funnel Hacking Live, and I had customers stop me.

Not stop me, but they literally sought me out because I wrote, "Hey, guys, I'm going to be at Funnel Hacking Live." And at that time, I was nobody. It was just two months after I launched. And I had a guy named Chris Wiser. He tapped me on the shoulder when I was just standing around.

And he's like, "Hey, Kim," because he recognized me. And I said, "Oh, hello, how are you? Who are you?" And he's like, "Oh, my name is Chris and I use your Chrome extension. I'm a fan. I really like it. I sell more four more of my courses a day because of it." He's like, "I do really well on LinkedIn, but I was struggling to monetize from the Facebook group."

So I'm like, "Wait, four more courses a day?" And I asked him, "How much is one course?" And he said, "$997." So I said, "Effectively, I help you make $4,000 more a day for your month?" And he's like, "Yep," and he's like, "I owe you a drink." I said, "Okay."

I don't know. I felt like, whoa, how small is this world? I felt like the world was so big and at the same time it collapses so that you could connect with all these people. To me, that's insane.

So the journey of my Chrome extension, which by the way, for those who are listening, it's Group Convert. What it does is it collects emails from your Facebook group by taking the data of the three questions and answers that people answer when they come into a Facebook group.

Normally, people have to copy and paste that manually into like an Excel sheet if one of the questions is what's your email address? And with Group Convert, it does that automatically. It will take that information and will push it to a Google Sheet.

And from there, you can integrate it with using Zapier or with any email autoresponder, anything that Zapier integrates with like Facebook Custom Audience, LinkedIn Custom Audience, Instagram, all the 1000s of softwares out there, it integrates with.

So it's very powerful. The newest feature we have added is the ability for you to send the first message as members come into your group. And you can customize the message based on which group they're entering in. So you can do group name, first name, last name customization.

And the reason why that's very powerful is because when people enter Facebook groups, they're not looking to hang around. They're not looking to hang out. They're looking to solve a problem.

So if they're going into a How to Grow and Monetize Your Facebook Group type of Facebook, they're looking to do exactly that. So the first message you send them could be, "Hey, how are you?" And you kind of see where they're at and if they want the solution now. If so, you can send them to your offer.

And we've had conversions where someone will come in at a $10 month software, which is our lowest price, and then pay for our $7,500 program within the span of 48 hours. So because of that phenomenon, now I teach coaches, course creators to sell more of their offers on autopilot using Facebook groups, using automation based on simple software, and having this road be easy, be fun, be cool.

And now we're getting crazy results. Like Kim Seltzer, she did $80,000 on her very first launch to an empty Facebook group of only 400 people. She said 400 people in within like two weeks, she pitched her high-ticket offer, and she sold 12 ladies to a $6,000 offer. So that's like almost $80,000 and it blew her mind.

She's been in business for the past two decades. And she's like, "Kim, I do webinars, and I do podcasts," and she has all these things floating around. And she's like, "I never utilized a Facebook group that way before. And I had no idea I could create a multi-million dollar business out of nothing, like carved out of my expertise," which isn't nothing but just forged within a short period of time. So that's crazy to me.

Jeremy Deighan
Yeah, it's crazy because I have so many questions. We're going to have to do like a part two or something because I just have so much I want to ask you. It's wild because I came from the same background. I was doing screen printing, and also ran into the problem of that overhead and was looking for something to do online.

I found the online courses first and you went the software route. What I wanted to ask you, I had a couple questions that I wanted to ask about when you when you first made that piece of software. How did you come up with the idea to do Group Convert or any other extensions that you were making at that time?

Kim Dang
Every single Chrome extension I had solved my own problem. So I went into a group and I saw a similar software out there. And I'm like, "Well, I want this feature, and I want that feature." And I think as a non-software CEO, you kind of think that your life is at the mercy of finding the solution that someone else created.

You never think that you'd turn the table around and you own it. You just never think that way. But because I went, "Wait a minute, can I think that way?" And I spoke to people who own software, so I'm like, "They think that way." So I put in feature requests to the software that's similar to Group Convert. And they didn't really answer me.

Their focus was on other things. So I said, "Okay, how hard is this?" So I created a version for myself where I could control the features. And I remember when I launched it, there were several versions just floating around on the internet anyways. And one of the people that I interviewed, he got the pissed off that I was creating my own version.

He's like, "You shouldn't rustle the feathers of giants." At that time, he was a winner of all these accolades, and he was going to release his own version. And he did release his own version. So he felt like, I think, I was just nobody trying to do something.

At that time, to me, I'm like, "Well, I want my own features. I want to be able to put feature requests, and I want it to happen." So that's how I got into it. But really, the story of owning software leads all the way back to 2008.

I was on a date with a guy. And at the end of the night, I still remember that date very clearly because it's one of those moments I can't forget. We were walking down this beach, and I can still remember hearing the waves of the ocean and how dimly lit the alleyway is.

And he turns to me, and he's like, "Hey, Kim. Did you know that you can hire someone from across the world for like a couple of 100 bucks, and they will make software for you, and you can sell software?" And I turned to him, and I'm like, 'You're crazy."

At that time, I was working a part-time job, going to school and thinking, "This guy's nuts. I'm not trying to be Elon Musk. I'm not trying to be someone who owns software. What are you thinking?" And he's like, "No, no, no, no. Go on oDesk and do it today. It will change your entire life."

And I said, "Sure." And I went home, and I didn't do it. And 2018, I was scrolling on Facebook, and I saw that his company went public on NASDAQ; his software company. And it sent chills through my spine. I was like, "Oh my god. It's the same guy that told me about this. And he has a public company on NASDAQ now." And it just brought me back to that moment.

When I talk to my people now, and especially for the course creators out there, the reason why someone will invest in your course is because of that feeling that they either need to do this now, or they'll spend the rest of their life just wandering or just going back to the same life that they used to live. The next years of their life are just going to be the last year. This clock in, clock out routine life that most of them have.

And so if you can say that, look at this, you can enter this world and it will explode everything around you. It's going to light up everything around you. You'll be able to connect with all these people around the world. You'll be able to command this type of freedom, this type of financial abundance.

Once you learn this one time, you can replicate this process for the rest of your life. So by the end of 10 years, you're going to look back on the sea of subscribers just supporting you financially, and helping you as well mentally because every day you wake up with gratitude from so many users thanking you for you creating this piece that you put out into the world; this dent in the universe.

So that's how I got started. And every other software after that was something I would use almost every day. Now, I look at something and I'm like, "Can I have my own version?"

Jeremy Deighan
Oh, it's dangerous for me to talk to you because I always want to create my own software, and I've never done it before. I have a list in my phone of software idea. So we're going to have to talk a little more after this.

Speaking of which, let's talk about your course because your course, from what I understand, solves a little bit of this problem. You have a course called Chrome Boss. Is that correct?

Kim Dang
Yeah. And it's at Yeah.

Jeremy Deighan
Okay, so tell us about that course, and how that can help someone out here listening today.

Kim Dang
Yes, so my course is a live coaching program plus everything I know, in pre recorded modules. And it will help you because it will collapse time; that's what it'll do. Instead of you trying to figure it out in like a year, you'll figure everything out in a month.

Some of my students binge-watch everything that I have within two days, and then they launch their Chrome extension, literally, in two days. That's the fastest I've seen it happen. And then other students, they start monetizing in as little as a couple of weeks.

I do case studies in my course, all the time, just straight up to their face saying, "Look, you think that I'm someone with 1000s of users and all this stuff, and oh, it's so easy for me. But I'm going to start off as zero. I won't launch to the list, I'll just go live on Facebook here. And I'll demo a Chrome extension that I didn't even put on any marketplace."

"All I got is a zip file back. I'll just demo it. And I'll have an invoice link. I'll show you how to go from zero to cash within a few weeks." And I did that. I would show up, I'll show them my step by step process, what I did in front of their face. And so they have no excuse.

I went live for like 30 minutes one time, and I made $2,000 out of a little invoice link. And there was nothing after the invoice link. There was no complicated thing; no big automation that included with it. And I delivered the Chrome extension in a zip file. I just gave it to them in Google Drive.

So, do you need to have everything all together? No. But it's really, really cool to be able to just sell screening and passwords out of nothing, out of pixels, and having them feel like they have immense value because it is software that will save them time.

So that's the benefit of the course. It will collapse time for you in a way that nothing else out there will. No course online right now compares to what I have just because how niche am I? I'm super niche.

I'm teaching about a plugin how to have your own Chrome extension business. How to make passive income from your own Chrome extension business. So I niche down really deep. It's a part of a browser, the Google browser, and a plug in of the browser.

So a Chrome extension is something similar to Honey. If some of you guys haven't heard of a Chrome extension before, Honey is a Chrome extension company. What it does is it's a little tiny icon that sits on your Google browser, and you click on it.

And what it's going to do when you visit a website is it's going to scan the data of that website. And it's going to tell you if you can find something cheaper somewhere else. And it'll send you to the other place if you can save money.

So it's a really money-saving type of tool. And Honey, right now, has over 10 million users. Think of 10 million people clicking on your affiliate links every single day. It's insane. That's why Paypal bought out Honey last year for like $4 billion, mostly cash.

So there's a thing to this Chrome extension world. But what's really important is you're getting the skills in the blueprint to do this again and again. So you don't have just one Chrome extension. A lot of my students have two to three to four. And then you're having that passive income from each one.

So that if funds other things in life. It funds your house. It funds your car. Russell Brunson is someone that I learned from and he has a software called ClickFunnels. And he said, if he wanted a pool, he would just think of how many subscribers he needs. If he wants a house, how many subscribers he needs.

And so in this online space, if you're working really, really hard to get subscribers per se on YouTube, Instagram, whatever, you can have 1,000 YouTube subscribers. But that doesn't mean each person is paying you 10 bucks a month. That doesn't mean you're making $10,000 a month, effortlessly.

But If you're going to put in the effort, you're going to put in the hard work, I say make every subscriber count, make every single subscriber have the ability to be paying you $10 to $97 a month.

With that said, like Robert McCorkle, one of my students, he only had 100 people by the time he was like, "Hey, I soft-launched my Chrome extension. There's only 100 users, but guess what? I charge 30 bucks a month and every user is paying me that." So that's $3,000 a month on 100 people.

Do you think that a YouTuber or an Instagram influencer out there is making $3,000 a month with 100 followers? Most likely not. I'm not anti YouTube or anti Instagram or any of that; you could do that as well. But if you're going to be gathering subscribers, why not have it be being the CEO of your own software company.

I remember, my single students, I'm like, "You know what? You can put on your Tinder profile that you're the CEO of your own software company, and it will set you apart. You'll get so many dates." And it's true. It's not like you're lying. It's the truth.

Jeremy Deighan
How are your students or you getting people to download, buy, purchase these extensions? Is it through organic advertising? Do you just set it up on some kind of marketplace in itself? How does that process work?

Kim Dang
So I have like a four phase of the Chrome extension's lifecycle. Phase one is going from zero, to idea, to cash. And then that means using a funnel that converts. That means using my organic selling methods. We have like scripts, we have posts, we have everything for you to convert, and you just follow it.

You have a million options, I tell you, "This is the one path you choose. This is the one thing that you do. This is the one funnel that you will use; this converts for us really well." And I have a lot of my students go through that exact one funnel, this script, this image type of methodology where it's gamifies giving away a Chrome extension in order to build a list quick.

And then pre launching. We have a launch like a pro system that pre launches your Chrome extension. So Zeki Ahmed, did like $10,000 even before he delivers his Chrome extension because of this pre launch method.

So pre launch method, all the scripts have the exact converting funnel we use. And my students who do really well ,they just follow it exactly. They don't deviate too much from it. It's just like, "Here's what you do step by step. Day 0 to day 5, day 5 to day 10.' It's very much super laid out for you.

So I don't have you think too much about how to get subscribers. It's like zero to cash, let's go. Let's do this. The second phase is making sure that your messaging is correct. So people signing up won't cancel. Your cart value increase so you have upsells, downsells. So that they don't come in for $10, they leave with like $300.

Just like how you go to Costco and you're like, "Well, I'm going to get that one thing," and then you end up spending like 200 bucks on food. So that's the second cycle where you increase cart value.

The third cycle is, okay, you got your messaging correct. Your Chrome extension is on marketplaces. We have like seven that we recommend and how to get approved. And so people aren't canceling good cart value. Okay, let's pour gasoline on the fire. Let's turn on ads.

So you run paid ads. And how do you earn paid ads to your Chrome extension, to your simple software. The type of paid ads that are worth it are like self-Liquidating paid ads. And I think to those listening who don't know these tribal languages, such as self-liquidating, and all this other stuff, maybe it's time for you to understand, but just Google it.

And then the fourth phase of the Chrome extension lifecycle is your decision. Do you want to rinse and repeat this? Do you want to amplify what you have and make it bigger, go bigger, which is adding an affiliate army to it? Making sure you cultivate that affiliate relationship. Making sure you cultivate all these other relationships that really explode it ontop of your paid ads.

Or do you want to do this for another business that you have? So it's your choice. So you go through the cycle, of rinse and repeat it several times for all your portfolio of Chrome extension ideas.

So yes, there are marketplaces. Yes, there are funnels. Yes, you can go live and just freaking sell it on Facebook Live video or Instagram Live or whatever live you have. You can do all of that. But the emphasis within the first 30 days you're in the program is I call it my fastest path to cash module.

What I do know is that if someone doesn't get that fast path to cash right away, they're not going to be motivated to sit through all the rest of this stuff. And so I try to get you there super fast. But it is a learn-as-you-go, your own pace type of program as well. So I don't really punish you.

There's no like bad guilty feelings because you can't compare your first step to someone's 10,000 step. So that's what's included without going down the [inaudible].

Jeremy Deighan
Yeah, that's awesome. That answered a lot of the questions. Now, thinking about the people listening in the online course creation space because you've created software, you've created online courses, different businesses. Thinking to the people who are listening, who are kind of early on in their online course journey, maybe they're struggling to create their course, or maybe they have a course but they don't know how to marketed or they're not getting any sales. Is there any good piece of advice that you could give to those people?

Kim Dang
Yeah. I remember I paid $300 to talk to a dude named Charles Dew. He, I felt, mastered courses because he would make a course about product management. He worked for Apple, he worked for NASA. He worked for all these big, huge companies. And he was able to say that I did all these things were these big companies, and I can teach you how to be a product manager.

And he had a course that he sells for $497. And at that time, I knew him because of the fact that I met him in an entrepreneurial dinner in Thailand. I was just randomly in Thailand. I was single, I met a dude and he was French.

And he's like, "Hey, Kim. We're having an entrepreneur dinner tonight. Do you want me to come grab you." I was in Thailand. So I didn't have transportation. He's like, "Do you want me to come grab you and drive you to this location where you're going to eat food with a bunch of other entrepreneurs? And I said, "Yes, let's go."

And he showed up in his motorbike; a total stranger. And I remember holding on to him, so I won't fall off the bike. And we drove for almost an hour on the bike. I am like, "I'm just going to do this with a random stranger driving through Thailand for an hour not knowing if he's going to take me to an alleyway and kill me or whatever."

He was the head of this entrepreneur dinner. And in the dinner, I was sitting there. And to my left, there were people who are selling millions of dollars from their product that they created on Amazon. I met some guys who created a Manta mask. And at that time, I had no idea who they are.

So I'm like, "What do you do?" "Oh, we create a face mask for people to sleep. It's called Manta. And I'm like, "Oh, that's cool." And then I turned to him, and I'm like, "What do you do?" He's like, "Oh, I teach people how to become product managers. And I travel full time."

I'm like, "Oh, from just a course?" He's like, "Yeah, I make over $10,000 a month just doing nothing with that course." And I'm like, "What the heck." So I was surrounded by these crazy people.

And I had my auto dismantling company. So I'm I have a story myself, but I'm not doing millions with it at that time. So I'm like, "What the heck is going on with all these crazy people?" So I befriended him on Facebook. And then at one point, he was in the same state that I'm in.

And not only is he a unicorn in a sense because he worked at NASA, he was involved with the first NASA app. And he got an award for that. He was one of the co founders of Rideshare. He worked at Apple and he spearheaded an Apple project, he got a reward for that.

He also is a yoga teacher that teaches other yoga teachers how to make income online. And he's asked to speak around like yoga conferences worldwide. And he also is a magician. So he trained for years under another magician. And so he has exclusive access to this place in Los Angeles called the Magic Castle.

It's this exclusive club where only if a magician goes and accepts you to come into that house that you can be included in that place. And in that house, in that mansion, it's huge, there are magic done all over the place, on all the rooms, on all the levels. And they have $50 dinners that you can eat really good food there as well.

But the magic shows were so premium that it blew my mind away. "Oh my god, this is so intense." Anyways, the reason why magic and all that is because I reached out to him on messenger. I'm like, "Hey, I saw that you're in California." And he's like, "Oh, yeah, I am. I'm only going to be here to attend this magic show."

"Every year, there's a Halloween-themed magic show in Los Angeles at the Magic Castle, and I bring a select amount of friends to come with me because I'm a magician." And I'm like, "Oh, you're a magician. Okay, well, cool. How hard is it to be a magician?"

He's like, "Well, you're on a waiting list for six months, and you have 10 minutes to do a magic trick in front of the board of the magicians. And if they accept you, then you get in. But if you don't pull off your magic trick in those 10 minutes, then you don't get accepted into the society. I'm like, "Oh, okay, that's crazy."

He's like, "Do you want to be one of my guests? I'm coming with friends." And I said, "Yes, let's go. So I went. And that's when I got to know him more. And then I paid for a $300 consultation to sit down with him and kind of pick his brain and say, "Hey, how are you doing all this stuff? How are you traveling all over the world? How are you living this type of life? How are you this crazy? Like, this is odd."

And he's like, "You know, you can teach anything." I was sitting in a coffee shop with him asking him these questions. I'm like, "Should I teach something where it's trending? Should I teach something where it's like Excel? People love Excel. So maybe I should teach an Excel class."

like I was all into, "Let's create a freakin course because I want to be able to do what you do and have this freedom." And he's like, "You can teach anything, Kim. You don't have to go after what's trending." And his words hit me hard when I was doing my live events, teaching people how to create passive income from a Chrome extension plugin.

And one of my speakers actually came up to me. He's like a six-figure earner, Doug Barton. He's spoken at my event. And he's like, "Kim, How weird is this? I'm speaking at your live event. And we are talking about a plugin on a browser."

Kim Dang
It blew my mind. I'm like, "Oh, my God, I create a whole live event about plugins from a browser." Like that's how crazy it was, and that brought me back to that moment in the coffee shop where I realized that I can teach anything I want.

So one advice I would say to whoever's listening is teach what lights the fire in your soul. Teach what will solve your own initial problem. And you will be able to see. Like, if you play games, if you're a gamer, you go and you start walking somewhere and the map of the world starts becoming more apparent for you. I feel like the online course world is very similar to that.

You solve your own problem; you realize that it's a solution. You want to tell the world about it. So you go and you have people come along. You don't assume what they need. You don't create all these modules to assume that that's what they should have. You give them what they need as you teach it with them.

And from your first beta version, and you get results, then you can go and charge higher, go and charge super premium after you do the results. For me, I did the mistake of slowly increasing my prices, but I should have just shot up and increased my price right after I produce those results because it's no big deal to spend a couple of 100s couple of 1000s to have a lifetime of passive income.

Kim Dang
That's the real results, in the end from my course. But whatever is the lifetime of x that you are going to provide for your people, there's no amount of money they wouldn't pay in order for you to collapse time for them in a fun way. They're learning from you, and they live with you. So that's my advice: you can teach anything you want.

Jeremy Deighan
That's awesome, Kim. I think that's very well said. And I think that we will wrap up the show on that note just because you've given so much great information today. I love just listening to you. I feel like I could just sit here and listen to you for hours talking about your businesses. And your expertise definitely shines through.

So I know that there's going to be people out there who want to learn more about you and about your online businesses and your extensions. If you don't have Group Convert, I definitely recommend it. I use it myself and it saves so much time and you can do so many cool things with it. So where can people find out more about you online?

Kim Dang
You found me through a little Chrome extension that you downloaded. So I would say go and do the same path, go to group Try it out. I have a 14-day free trial. Otherwise, my main site is And if you want to figure out and learn about the Chrome extension world, it's

Jeremy Deighan
Awesome. Thank you so much, Kim, for coming on the podcast today. We really appreciate you being here.

Kim Dang
No problem. Thank you, Jeremy for having me. This was wonderful.

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