Generating Organic Leads from Facebook with Wealthy Online Coach Linda Morrison

May 17, 2021
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In today’s episode, we have Linda Morrison who is going to talk about how you can use Facebook to grow a following that will be eager to learn from you.

You will also get to hear why you should be having one on one conversations with your ideal customer, why you don’t need thousands of people in your space to be successful, and how to use Facebook so that it generates leads for years to come.

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In this episode, you will hear…

… how Linda’s early start in the coaching world helped shape her as an expert in the coaching field.

… her decision to help others in a more practical way and help them create a course that attracts the right people.

… what she would say to herself every morning to motivate her to take action and help more people.

… why you should always stay in a place of serving when creating your online business.

… the importance of having conversations with your customer to understand the marketplace better.

… learning the language of your student so that you aren’t overwhelming them with too much jargon.

… how Linda generates leads every single day through organic content marketing.

… why clarity is important to the success of an online course business.

… what you need to have set up on Facebook to acquire new leads and grow your email list.

… how to be super successful with Facebook, even if you have a small group size.

… why you need to simplify different aspects of your business so that it doesn’t confuse the audience when you’re marketing to them.



Jeremy Deighan
Hey, everyone, thank you for checking out the show today, we have Linda Morrison, the Wealthy Online Coach with us who's going to give us some tips and tricks and strategies for using organic methods to get people into our programs. And I'm really excited to have her today.

I know that some people out there might be an expert in their field, or maybe they're a really good coach. But they don't understand the marketing side. They don't understand how to get people to their program. And Linda is going to help us out with that today. So how are you doing today?

Linda Morrison
Thank you, Jeremy. That really nice introduction. And thank you all for having having me here. It's great.

Jeremy Deighan
Yeah, for sure. We're excited to have you. I know you're on the other side of the world right now. And, but I'm glad that you took time out of your day to come on the podcast and just share the knowledge that you have.

But we always like to start in the very beginning and kind of hear people's stories and where they came from. I think that's always very exciting, at least for me to hear people's backgrounds. So if you could just maybe give us a couple minutes and let us know what you were doing before you got into online business. And then how did you transfer into the online business coaching, online course world?

Linda Morrison
Great, thank you so much. I like many probably don't think my story's all that interesting though, when I get into it, I start thinking, "Yeah, I did do that. And I do do that." Thanks Jeremy.

I am very new, they might say to the digital world. So don't despair, anyone if they struggle with anything technical or digital. If I can learn it, anybody can. My background is very much. I had a sociology degree and very much in fitness. So way back when I was at university, I put myself through university by being a personal trainer, a coach to everything, I did everything in fitness, and at that time, success coaching and motivation coaching and things like that was really in. And so I rode that, that wave really and had lots of corporates, and lots of CEOs of companies that were my clients. And I really got to cut my teeth at a very young age on coaching and the coaching world.

And forward from that, set up wellness offices in my 20s. I had two children who are now coming out 19 and 21. Both medical students now themselves. So I had very strong sort of science, health sciences background really, and was always interested in psychology and sociology and what made people tick.

So fast forward, a separation and divorce from my father of my children. Around about 10 years ago, I realized that it wasn't my path to open a studio or another health center where we looked after many, many clients, I was actually going to move into bringing my coaching services into the online space. And at the time, I knew that I didn't have any, any skills, I could rarely even open my internet banking. At that time, I still went into the bank, just the old, the old ladies in there. So I had to put on my student pants again very much and really just study everything to do with this thing called online marketing. And you know how to use computers and all the rest of it.

So I started doing that every single day basically and worked extremely hard developing those skills and also got in touch with the best coaches in the world that were developing online courses at that time. Started my Ageless Body Six Week Transformation for women over 40 and stepped fully into that space of transforming women's bodies over 40 which I had always done. In my, in my work anyway, I always worked with all different types of people that we concentrated on taking care of these women that take care of everybody and everything, and just blew it out of the water basically, you know, was getting 15 to 20 applications a day to come into my programs and, and we did very well.

Then, around about six years ago, five or six years ago, I was finding many marketers coming into the space of trying to help people with their online businesses, teaching people, not great things. So they weren't pragmatic or practical. They're, well meaning marketing coaches might I add, but a lot was redundant and became redundant very quickly. Also, you know, in the online space, it moves fast.

So I started teaching fantastic coaches, and there anyone from financial coaches, to psychologists to doctors, chiropractors, health coaches, naturopaths, you name it, how to develop their online courses and get people into them on a daily basis. So that's it. Between that I make sure I look after my children.

We have a beautiful, I'm very thankful for my lifestyle. I'm very thankful with how I recovered from a difficult divorce and everyone's got their you know, story with pulling together a transformation after loss and, and online coaching has allowed me to immediately go global. Meet people like yourself, and others across the world, and genuinely help people find a way forward with what seems like a quagmire to get their services out there to help people. Yeah.

Jeremy Deighan
Okay, cool. Yeah. And it's very interesting. The, you know, you hear online coaches and online courses, and you might think that they're separate, but they really go hand in hand. The course is usually just the material that you can give someone. The coaching is the accountability that really helps them out. And I started with courses, but I've moved into a coaching role now. But when you started out and you began helping people, how are you attracting people to your services? How are you finding those people and scheduling these coaching calls and getting clients in the door?

Linda Morrison
That's a great question. And at the time, I was under quite a lot of financial pressure and stress, as well. So I, I actually would wake each day. And just say, "Who, who will I help? And how will I help them?" I literally, I mean, you know, everyone has a different way of saying these things or praying if you like, but I was, I really genuinely want to help people. And I've done it all my life anyway. So it, I just needed to find a way to do it online.

So I did find a coach that actually helped me to set up my initial and first Facebook ad, which ran for quite some time, probably about four or five years until things started to change with algorithms once again. That, that did really well but very quickly, because we move so quickly. And we had such great results with our clients, because that's ultimately why we are here to shift people from A to B and, and do it in a way that really enhances their life. That's, that's the people I get to work with now in developing businesses. So we started getting huge referrals as well. So there were the two main streams.

Obviously, I wrote. And I still encourage this to this day. I wrote prolifically about our results and our services and our and our heart I suppose. What was behind all of it, because we all can click a link and get something. But I really believe if you are a really good practitioner that needs to come through in your personality and your, and your writings and things like that.

And ironically, I was not the writer in, in our family. My sister is a terrific writer and she has a marketing degree and you know, public relations and she's, she's just terrific in this space. But I wrote very emotionally and of course people buy when they feel connection and they feel that, that that person is trustworthy and they can take them forward. So that's the, that's the ultimate, really of the of the marketing there. But I concentrate now and I became what you know once the Facebook ads started to shift and. you know, in the, in the health space you need, it's often words you can't say. So we got kind of watered down if you like.

And so then I started learning much, much, much more about organic lead generation. And now we've got techniques on our programs that work. And I try and test absolutely everything on my own businesses first, before I roll it out to my clients, because I believe that that, "Test test test," as they say, in the marketing world, and advertising world, and that's really the way to get a premium product as well. And yeah, and so I'm very, very thorough in doing that.

And that's, that's probably that, that trainer and coach and sociologist in me, that obsession around mastery. So I want to know it fully before I go and teach it. And I think in this day and age of quick, you know, quick links, and quick this, quick that sometimes you don't get the, you get information. You don't really get to a point of mastery. So yes, I'm quite obsessed about that, about that part of quality. I suppose that comes through everything.

So yeah, our courses teach all of that, and they're all obviously delivered online, around the world, a third of my clients, or two thirds of my clients are overseas at any one time, you know, Australia's a large country, but not a large number of people here. I and we're also, you know, really well received by the rest of the world, which I'm very thankful for. So our communication is, is really good, we have lots of fun on these courses. because quite often, you know, the average age is not 20 who I'm teaching, these are people who, who are established practitioners, and they don't know, they just don't know how to get in front of people.

I'm also very, very willing, and Jeremy would know this to actually talk to people. And I think in this day and age of you know, click buy, click buy, there's not a lot of coaches like that, or there's getting fewer. So I really like that connection, and no call is ever wasted. It gives me data, gives me feedback information, you know, that, that about my business, about my marketing, about what people are perceiving of it. So that's the, you know, really, I think if you stay in that, you know, that place of serving, you will always thrive.

Jeremy Deighan
Yea I like that a lot. Stay in a place of serving and you will always thrive. Yeah, it's I, you were talking about, you know, success and motivational in the past. And I've always loved that Zig Ziglar quote, that you can help, if you, "You can get everything in life that you want, if you help enough people get what they want." And it's the same thing that you said, that if you are always in a helping zone, eventually you're going to come around to the things that you want in life, because in helping others, it will allow you to become more successful. Is that what you're saying?

Linda Morrison
Yeah. 100% and it's, it also this, you know, this experience of the really getting good at organic lead generation through these mediums that we have in front of us, you know, iPhone virtually, is, you know, it's, it's giving us feedback all of the time. And there's no yeah, I believe there's no conversation wasted, because it really does help us to understand what our marketplace is. And also we're all here to walk, you know, help or I believe, to walk each other home.

So I've got really, really, really great and fantastic skills, you know, in a lot of things. My podcast is now at its 18th episode, and I'm enjoying that greatly. But we've, we've stepped up that production. So what did I do? I went and got a really great coach that can help me get really refined with that. And that's how the world goes round. So I paid for that. I'm really engaged with that. Sometimes I don't like what that coach tells me to do. So, so yeah, there's always someone to help you. You've just got to get really clear on what you're wanting, and then go and ask them.

Get to the best, get to the best people. So yeah, I want to work with the best. You know, coaches in the world that just don't know how to get to people. And sometimes they overcomplicate that because there's leads everywhere. You go the hairdresser, there's leads. You go, you know have a conversation with somebody online on Facebook and they need help. There's a lead. You know, and a lot of people are not seeing And yeah, it's just about that.

Jeremy Deighan
No, no, that's, that sounds great. I definitely agree. Once I got into online business and started looking at the world a little differently, I agree that if you just open up your eyes, you'll see opportunity everywhere.

So let's, let's jump into the organic strategies and how we can help out someone. So if you, if you have someone who is a coach, and maybe they're like an expert in the thing that they coach, or they teach, and they know their material, they can teach it and all all this, but they just can't get their message out to people, they can't find people, and someone comes to you looking for help? What are the first steps that you advise someone in that process?

Linda Morrison
I think to start to write prolifically. So start writing as much as you possibly can about your business, about how you help. And then start at well, I let, I tell my clients to go and find 10 people to interview. So 10 people that you think, are your ideal client. And they may not be, they might be a bit off. But go and talk to them. And you know, have a phone conversation with them, a Zoom conversation with them. And just ask them, "Can I have 10 minutes of your time to ask you a few questions about how I'm presenting my new course or program that's launching?" and most people will want to help you. And maybe you'll ask 10 and five, five will hop on a call.

But you're gathering data all of the time. And what you're actually getting there. Because experts get into the experts space. They start speaking like an expert, which actually polarizes them away from, doesn't necessarily attract their clients. Because the clients don't get it, it's too jargony. They're not really into it, they just actually want the result, don't the? They don't want to hear all of the steps. And the difficult jargon that that expert knows about.

So gathering the language that the person is, you know, the potential client, if you like, on these conversations, you're saying is really, really important, and very few people do it. So that's where I start with my clients. And my clients also can't believe how valuable that is. So they say, "Well, my message, my message was wrong." Because it's what I'm wanting, I'm giving, you know, the bath water and the bath instead of just telling them there's a result. There's a result of this and concentrating on that.

And as you know, our friend, it's not my friend, actually, but I do love his stuff. Frank Kern says, say it's Mother's Day, and you want to make your wife feel as if she's the best mother in the world. It's not that you want to buy her flowers, it's that you want to make her feel as if she's appreciated, loved, paid attention to, etc. It's not the flowers that you're buying. So having these conversations as much as possible and getting really, really, really clear in that having, you know, the conversation inside of their mind, mind with them, in your marketing, in your copy, in your live calls, in everything is what you do with with your marketing.

The other thing is seeing yourself as you know, the day I saw myself as a digital marketer that has helped businesses, coaching businesses, business coaching businesses, was the day my business turned around. So I had to see myself as a digital marketer, not as a practitioner, or a coach of that thing, even though that's what I deliver, and I deliver it to the highest standards possible. So as soon as I got that shift, I put myself in that, in that, in those shoes. Does that make sense, Jeremy?

Jeremy Deighan
Yeah, it makes perfect sense. And I can relate because when I was early years of creating courses, I viewed myself as an online course creator. And I viewed myself as someone who just needs to create courses all the time. Well, as we've come to know that you can't just create a course and sell it if there's no people to buy it. And so I had to have that same switch where I'm not just an online course creator, I'm a business owner, I'm a marketer, I need to go and do the other half of the business, which isn't just creating online courses. So I think that makes complete sense.

So let's talk about some organic strategies that people can use who are listening to the podcast. Some things that you're familiar with. What are some of the strategies that you see that are working today or ones that you recommend to your clients?

Linda Morrison
Well, my one that's, that's very in people's faces at the moment, because of course, Facebook's I think entire business model is to have us on Facebook for 10 hours a day, everybody. So I'll start there, and I'll give some gems, I can't tell you the whole strategy because it is quite step-by-step. What is really great and what Facebook has given and driven for me, probably how I got to know you, Jeremy. Okay, so what it's given in driven for me, is the ability to be able to have quite connected, quite quick conversations with people and convert them into a client in the organic, in an organic fashion.

So as I just said, before, my Facebook ads were turned off maybe 5, 5 or 6 years ago. And that's when I started becoming a geek around organic lead generation, which is really content marketing, where you're allowing yourself to be really connected to your audiences. You don't need 10s of 1,000s of people to create a very lucrative online business.

So if your business model is, of course, as we know, to sell something for $10, you might, but you actually don't, under, you know, our businesses, business models that we teach, because remember, we teach what I know, and what I know works. So what I'm actually saying is that people create this content, say a blog or a video blog. And it's quite good. And then there's people milling around it, and they're not actually taking these people to the next stage of the conversation.

So I've worked out a whole strategy where you take this conversation that might start and spark up to an actual private conversation, and then a call. So that is one very, very simple way. Now a lot of people will say, "Oh, that's nothing, that, that won't work. That doesn't make sense." I get a client that way, every day, every single day. So if I sell a product for $1,000, even every single day, 360 days a year, I've got a pretty good business. Because then once you get a satisfied customer, they're likely to buy something else from you once they're in.

But there's a lot of heart behind this. And I'm actually thinking about these customers drawing them in. Making sure you know, they have possibly, and probably looked at about 32 pieces of content. We know, you know, on average, isn't it like 32 pieces of content over 21 days before they'll even say anything to you, or say hi, or say, "I like that," or even, you know, tick the love button or whatever?

So you're nourishing all of the time and you just don't know online who you're influencing. It's quite remarkable. You've got to stay open to this, you've got to know that you want to be there helping people. I think some people don't realize that they can repel people fairly quickly. In the, in these, in this constant conversation that you're having, you're not having a conversation like we're having now. But you're having a conversation with your marketing to the inside of their mind, to their thoughts. So it's sort of, it's that sort of conversation. And it never ceases to amaze me how many people say, "I've been watching you for two years. And now I feel confident to step towards your course." And I'm like, "Why didn't you reach out sooner? We're not getting any younger."

But that's them, you know, that's them. And that's me. That's why I'm the leader if I decide I want to do it today, you know. And that, that's, that's remarkable to me that you can do that. And you've got to remember with organic lead generation, you sort of save yourself between 500 and 1,000 bucks a day because you're not got these Facebook ads turned on.

Now not, I'm not against Facebook ads and in some business models, of course, they're fantastic and what a great place to be and how lucky are we have these advertising mediums now. It's just that when you're a startup, you've got to gather more data. And we still know, you probably want to work with about 500 clients before you switch on Facebook ads. It's, you know, this is something that's been known in the industry for a long, long time. And that allows you to switch on a much more, you know, appropriate ad to that audience and to make your offer very clear to them.

So clarity is really important. Staying in that place of help knowing that your course is a really nice fit. Sometimes I get on a call and I go, "This course, this course I've got in mind for them, it's just not the right fit." And if there's another, I have for them I'd suggest it.

But there is that flow that you need with where you're going to take this person in a genuine fashion. And then of course, delivering, delivering of your materials becomes to me, becomes something really, really easy. I'm a very natural teacher, a natural coach, the delivering I'm about to go into a two day marketing summit online in the next two days. And I'm really excited about that, because I'll be in my element.

And the making of the funnels isn't my favorite bit, though I have learned to do it, Jeremy. You know, I learned to do it. And I'm very good at it now, but at the beginning was so, so clunky, but I wanted to know what my business was, I wanted to know the mastery. I'm all for outreach, and I'm all for coaching. But you really got to know what your business is to make it thrive. And as these online businesses go, go and grow so fast with, I think we need to be ahead of that. So, so we do thoroughly teach you what your business is. None of this just slap up a beautiful brand and banner, and you think you're on your way, you've got to, got to get your hands dirty a little bit.

Jeremy Deighan
Yeah, definitely. So someone who is starting out and they're thinking, you know, "I'm already on Facebook," and you're saying that Facebook is a great way to get leads into your business. What methods are you using specifically? I know that some people use their personal profile, other people say use a page, some people say pages are worthless. Other people say use a group. What, what methods are you using to generate leads on Facebook particularly?

Linda Morrison
Yes, so definitely, definitely have your, your Facebook, personal profile and your business profile, abundant and buoyant, if you like. Try to fill it, of course, with your ideal clients. You know, for example, when I was cleaning out my Facebook page, quite some time ago, I think I got rid of until, I have a joke, I got rid of 11 Jason's and one Jazzy Jeff, you know?

The majority of my clients happen to be women, and they happen not to be 20. So if you're a, you know, gorgeous Asian boy who's, you know, 18 and, you're not probably my client, you know? So I know, which is, you know, that's, that's cool, that's for somebody else. But it's really, you know, filling up your world with people who really, you know, not your cousin and you guys that were your ex boyfriends, you know, high school. They're probably not going to buy from you. Not saying that they won't.

But, so you fill up your world there. And then also a group and a lot of people are sprouting around how big their groups have got. Now what we know is small groups can do extremely well. So, and that's where you've, you know, pre-qualified these people to come in. So I think I'm in Jeremy's group, I think he's in mine. We are geeks around what we're talking about here, which is, you know, everything about online, online business and course creation, etc. So those groups work very well.

So I'm teaching entire methods around there. And, and then from there, how to keep how to keep the pages really fresh and interesting to people. And, and that there's a, there's an algorithm which I use, a format the, that I teach that's worked for me for 10 years, and of course, I've got better and better at it. And yeah, so there's sort of step by step, but there, but that's where I'd start so.

And don't let anybody tell you that works. That doesn't work. That works. That works. Quite often, they haven't really tried. They haven't certainly tried it in the way that we teach it. And you got to believe as well. There's a belief behind all this stuff, you've got to nourish it, nurture it, and really think about your posts and your copy. You know, if I'm not in the mood to write or do a video blog, I don't do it at that moment. You know, I do it. I wait until I've got a little bit more, you know, sort of spark or creativity coming through, because I really feel that you can feel that in through the internet .You can feel the nuances, you can feel that people really genuinely want to help that they are connected. Remember, sales is connection. And, and, yeah, so that's, hopefully that's a little bit more helpful.

But, and also really notice. Notice that people really are there. And, you know, reach out to them and just say, "How do you feel that you'd like to be helped in this, this area at the moment," instead of telling them what they need? Which we sometimes have to do as well. Of course, and we're teaching them. I think that's a really important thing for people to, to understand. Yes, you are the expert. But really listen to your potential customers and be available.

Jeremy Deighan
Yeah, I love that. That's, that's awesome. And I like the idea of, you know, listening to the people paying attention to you, because, you know, how often do people go on and they do a Facebook Live, and they complain, "Oh, I only got a couple likes, or only a couple people watch," but then they never follow up with those people. So it'd make more sense to go find those three or four people who did watch the whole live and reach out to them and talk to them and see how you can help.

Linda Morrison
Yea 100%. I mean, I started with an email list of 10 people, you know, and big deal, it's 10 people that really want to hear your, your message.

Jeremy Deighan
That's right. So when it comes to creating the actual content for Facebook, what kind of strategies do you recommend for posting on your pages versus your groups? Is there any thing that you can tell us about how you come up with content to create? Is it just on a whim? Or do you have like a content calendar where you go through and you're really thinking through the stuff that you want to publish?

Linda Morrison
Yeah, no, I've got, yeah, a whole, whole systems that we teach about rolling through what you are promoting at that time. But with content and valuable content to people, there's really only three to five main messages in your business anyway. And if you are trying to give them 12, it's confusing. So there's, there's three to five main messages. And a lot of people go really wrong with their businesses, because they don't understand. They think they're selling one thing, but the customer wants something completely different.

So when my, if I gave a really great example of, of my Ageless Body Business, the majority of those women that come to me want a body transformation, they want to feel better, they want to look better, they want to lose weight. So if I were to think about helping them to lose some weight. I missed the point. Yes, we talk about mindset, we talk about positive thinking, we talk about, you know, picking up some weights, because I really am a life long learner around weight training. And I think it's really important not enough people moved last year either. Yes, we're going to teach about all of those things. But actually, the result of the people wanting is to is to lose weight, and they want to feel good in their body, they want to feel really, really, really good in their body. So if I missed that mark, I missed my marketplace.

At the time, when we started that business online, I was so sick of weight loss, Jeremy. It was just crazy. I was like, "I'm so sick of talking about weight loss," you know? I'm turning 40. I'm sick of talking about weight loss. You know, you'd have to live under a rock not to know that you got to eat your broccoli move your body more and so I was really, really tired of it. So I needed to find a way to speak to these women. So what, was mainly women I work with, obviously work with men and some men come through our businesses as well of course, that the online marketing business but, but this business here, they still get their transformations through me.

But they wanted to lose some weight, you know, will I get to lose weight? And of course, they all did and the results were amazing because we looked after the other things, but I know, I knew as an, you know, marketer and person in the space, that I had to talk about getting them that result. Because that's what my most people want. You know, we've got, we've got communities that now edify. I want to get good people out over this area, but I am being a health coach a long time. But we've got about 80% population that, that wants to lose some weight. They want to sharpen up their part of their lives and they also know it's access to more. It's access to more vitality, energy, creativity, self confidence, all of the rest of it that comes with having, you know a nice, healthy body.

So a lot of this, you know, people that are trying to put their businesses out there, don't really know what it is that they sell. So if you don't know that, it's gonna be really, really hard to get your copy together, and you're, that connectedness with that audience together. And, and then of course, the experts always try to give too much information, which repels the audience. The audience just go away, it's too hard. If you make it too hard, they don't want to, they don't know where to start. So they won't start because they already, what's you know, people's biggest problem at the moment is overwhelm. Overwhelm, anxiety, feeling stuck, got too much to do. So make it simple for them in the delivery, you know, give them one or two gems of information that are absolutely what they're wanting.

You know, you can see this coming through. A lot of the marketer's copy that is the best in the world at the moment, it's very simple. And they're definitely selling what they want. The reason I'm, you know, got to get here talking to you. And I think the biggest reason that people come to me is that they want to earn more money. So they need to access better business, better conversation, better communication, with those audiences. And of course, they say, I want to help people, I want to help people. I say, "Yeah, you got to get your bills paid, though." I don't know about you, but they keep coming. And so you know, that, you know, having a buoyant, abundant business is also in an energy alignment, as well. So you give value, we get value back in the form of being paid well, and, and not tiring yourself out, because you're not, no good a coach to anybody, if you're tired.

So you need a whole business model around that. So you're getting really, really, really clear, Jeremy on what is that main message. And then that's three to five messages that bleed through all of that, that keep the audience's really lubricated, if you're like. And really into what you're saying and what you're talking about. And I've, that takes a little bit of experimentation with our clients, when, when they first come on board. You can't get good at that, in two days, you've got to really test on that and get clear with yourself about what you are delivering in your courses, you know, don't be all things to all people.

Jeremy Deighan
Right? Yeah, that's a, that's definitely a big one, the more niche down and the more targeted you become, the easier it seems to become, because then you're speaking directly to the right person. Do you have any type of schedule for content? Whenever you're posting on Facebook? And you're trying to reach more people? Do you recommend any type of content schedule that you'd like to keep?

Linda Morrison
Um, yes. And it seems to be a little bit different for each person when they come through, come through the course. And some of my creators don't want to be too overscheduled, which is fine. And others like my, well, yeah, like myself. If I schedule myself to go live at a certain time, and I haven't advertised, if I've advertised it, I'll go live. But sometimes I don't feel like it. So it needs to come at, at a different time. So yeah, sort of that that depends on the person. So I'm a little bit fluid with that. Again, I give them some help with that.

The other thing is with COVID last year, we found very, very quickly that if you had scheduled your next six months, it was, the marketing needed to shift. Because the people, people were in different states of well being last year. And of course, you know, we've got international clients. So you guys are in your winter, we're coming out of our summer into our autumn now. So there's those types of differences and changes as well.

And with organic lead generation, every three, every say six to 12 months, we're shifting what, what works as well. So I'll roll things out. And I'm testing at the moment, my LinkedIn strategies, and again, and my, and my facebook group strategies with the free sort of, free courses. Two to five day courses. I'm still, I'm testing that at the moment to see how we're going to tweak that, to teach people that.

But the point is that you're ahead of the curve if you create really great connected content, and be prolific with it, because as Seth Godin says, "The more you write, the more [bleep] stuff," excuse my language, "and the more, and the more great stuff will come through."

You know, you can't just expect you're going to be a world class copywriter in a moment, but no one will write like you. No one can take your, that intellectual property from you. They can try and they do. So, you know, if you get really good, you get a compliment of being, sometimes, stuff being taken from you, that's happened, has happened to me. But you got to keep creating, because no one can catch you if you're the best, you know? So keep creating, and no one's gonna love you business like you. So I've had different copywriters in the past and different people, you know, write things for me, and I've had to rewrite it because it hasn't bled through with my real voice. And I know, my clients, you know, get, you know, really get to know your clients.

Jeremy Deighan
Very good. Yeah, that's a great answer. So for the the, the coach or the online course creator, the expert, who is listening right now and is kind of, you know, struggling to do organic marketing or struggling to get people in their program or finding leads or prospects, what is the best piece of advice that you could give them to motivate them? Or to get them to start on their journey and get with it so they can reach the same level of success?

Linda Morrison
That, that's a great question. Hopefully, you've gathered some gems from the other stuff that we've actually said. I think getting you know, extremely, you cannot, cannot, cannot buy or get someone to help you with your enthusiasm around your business. So stay really buoyant with that. Because once that goes, it's really hard to attract in any way. On a call. On a Zoom. On a presentation that you give. Through your voice. In your copy. In anything. So that's really, really super important, because people will want to be around enthusiastic people no matter what. So I think that's, that's one of the main ones. And when I get clients on board, who have lost that enthusiasm around, around their businesses, I can see straight away we're going to struggle. Does that make sense?

Jeremy Deighan
Yeah, definitely. You got to gotta be enthused and motivated. Otherwise, why are you doing it?

Linda Morrison
And everyone's got a different personality around that. I mean, I find you're pretty like, smooth cruise, cruise character. I'm not all that rah, rah, high five, either. But there's a, you know, there's a strength in a belief there that I can definitely take people to where they need to go. Unless I genuinely feel that they need someone else, you know? So I, I will, therefore handle them to another expert, in that's better than me in that space.

So for example, turning on Facebook ads at the moment, you know, I used to be fantastic at it, but I've, you know, it's, it's changed. So that I would handle to somebody else. But, um, but in terms of, you know, helping to write the copy, and those sorts of things can definitely help with that. And by the way, I'm not a trained copywriter, I just got good at it over the years by doing so much of it.

And, um, and then tell a story around what your business is. And that's what podcasting is really good with, I know that I've got Irish heritage, too, we are able to tell a yarn. So I got something that doesn't come naturally to me as an introvert, but I've gotten good at doing because I've realized that the audience's need to feel that they can trust and they want to know about me, not all about me, but they want to know enough to know that they're in a safe place to grow their businesses and grow, grow as people if you like, because, of course, business allows us so much in our lives. Once it's lucrative, and you know, moving along, and, and really matching what we want to do. So, um, so yeah, I think that's, I think I've talked enough, haven't I?

Jeremy Deighan
Yeah, you, you, you've done good, I could sit here and listen, because I feel like you're giving some great information for people. And if they pay attention to the words you're saying, you know, it just comes down to, you know, helping people and building those relationships. And I think you made a good case for that. So if people would like to learn more about your business and you and how you might be able to help them out. Where can they go for that information?

Linda Morrison, so that will be the fastest way and I am prolific it sounds like on Facebook as well so Linda Morrison and Ageless Body and my name as well. So and, obviously I'm here in Australia, in Melbourne. I will say this, you know, as a person that was very confident in delivering offline, coming online was extremely daunting. And I did need to learn to get in front of the video and present in this manner. And it, it was very difficult. But as soon as I left my ego at the door and just thought about the people that I could help, it did actually help me. So I think a lot of people can possibly stay quite self conscious that, are they doing it right? Are they doing it correct? I've done 14,000 live videos now. And I probably say, in all of them half the time, I can forget my train of thought. Don't worry, because people aren't looking for perfect. They're actually just looking for results in what you can give them.

Jeremy Deighan
Yes, I agree. That's absolutely right. If you focus on the result, all that other stuff, you know, the technology and the systems, they can come eventually, right?

Linda Morrison
That's it.

Jeremy Deighan
Awesome. Well, thanks so much, Linda, for coming on the show today. We appreciate you being here and sharing all of your knowledge. And I just hope that you have continued success in the future.

Linda Morrison
Thank you so much, Jeremy. Thanks for having me.

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