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The Online Course Igniter Podcast is the #1 show for online course creators and digital educators. You will hear the marketing strategies it takes to run a multi-figure online education business.
Listen to successful entrepreneurs tell their stories of how they were able to take their passion and create a thriving business while teaching others.
  • Outstanding content!
    As someone who’s working on building an online course, this is a crucial podcast for me. In just the last few episodes, I’ve learned a ton! This podcast is going to save me so much time and hassle just by helping me put together a course that works and actually brings in students. Check this podcast out if you’re thinking you might ever want to put together an online course!!
  • Must Listen Podcast for Course Creators!
    It's not often that you find a podcast that helps you improve your game. I've known Jeremy since 2014 when I started teaching courses on Udemy. While I've moved to other ways of generating income besides courses, Jeremy has stuck with it and it shows in this podcast. I should have started listening sooner because each episode if packed full of useful advice. Thanks Jeremy for your friendship and for delivering a great podcast!
  • This show delivers!
    If you want to launch or grow your online course you need to understand a dozen different marketing, sales, & tech strategies. It can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, Jeremy does a superb job bringing in all types of experts to help you make your online course successful. The knowledge offered on this show is invaluable! I especially liked the episode on video marketing with Tracy Philips. Great stuff! Highly recommended!
    Daniel Lona
  • Addicting
    Can’t wait for the next episode I just subscribed. I needed to hear something like this especially since I am just entering the world of online marketing. Knowing sales strategies is huge!
    A Fighter’s Parents in Ireland
  • Value packed!
    Jeremy's podcast is packed with such great information! If you are starting or growing an online business, his topics, insights and guests bring so much value. I am working on growing my business and will definitely be coming back for more!
How to Pivot from Teaching In-Person Sewing Events to Online Courses with Annie Lucas

In today’s episode, we have Annie Lucas with us and she is going to talk about how she turned her in-person sewing events into professional online courses. You will also get to hear why you should teach your courses live to hone in on your skills, how teaching your online course multiple times before recording […]

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Ben Adler from Keyword Chef Provides Excellent SEO Advice when Using Organic Traffic

In today’s episode, we have Ben Adler with us and he is going to talk about how you can use SEO strategies and organic traffic to grow your online course business. You will also get to hear how to find easy to rank for keywords with his software Keyword Chef, how Facebook groups can help […]

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Paralegal Teacher Jackie Van Dyke Explains Why and How to Pay Attention to the Market

In today’s episode, we have Jackie Van Dyke with us and she is going to talk about how paying attention to the market turned her paralegal writing business into a major success. You will also get to hear how she created a simple email course that completely took off, why you should hone in on […]

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The Online Course Igniter Blog is your best resource for online course creation, marketing and sales. Get the latest information to help you create successful classes that attract students from all over the world.
From blogging about what makes a good instructor to tips on how long each module should be, there's something here for everyone who wants their business idea off of paper and into reality!
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5 Productivity Tips for Online Course Creators: Use Time to Your Advantage and Create Something Amazing

Our society is obsessed with productivity. We are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and get more done in less time. The productivity obsession in our country can be traced back to Henry Ford, who is often credited with the invention of the 40-hour workweek. His goal was maximum productivity in the least […]

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Ideas for Improving Online Courses: Tips to Elevate Your Course Above the Rest

These days, things are evolving and everything is starting to go online, even the learning process. Whether it's for higher education, corporate training, or just brushing up on a new skill, more and more people are turning to the online learning community to further their education. While online learning is still a fairly new concept—the […]

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How often does Udemy have sales? Everything You Need to Know!

Even if you are new to the world of online courses, you have probably heard about Udemy. If you haven't, it's an online learning platform where people can buy courses on just about anything. Udemy courses are put together by people who are experts in their field and they'll often include video, multiple choice quizzes, […]

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